Friday, November 12, 2010

Its a..........

Thats right! We will be adding another boy to our family. About 67% was right on the poll! ! We are so excited to have a boy. We wanted one so Mason could have a brother since Parker never had a brother close in age and my brother never had one. It will be fun to see two brothers grow up together. Everything looked great on the ultrasound! We cant wait till March!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Poll Time! Give me your responses!

As I am sitting here all by myself on this fine Friday night I decided it would be fun to put a poll on the blog to see what people thought baby #2 is. We find out on Nov 9 so it gives us two weeks to get some responses. I will give you a little background so you can decide. I crave salts- some say that means a boy, and that was all i wanted when I was pregnant with Mason (no sweets here). This has been odd but I have had quite a bit of compliments on how I seem to be glowing and look pretty (dont feel that way) but the myth is if your having a girl she steals your beauty, so that indicates a boy also. Although according to the chinese gender calendar its a girl, and also the heart rate myth. If the babies heart rate is over 150 its a girl and lower is a boy. The babies heart rate has been 157 and 153. We would be thrilled with either! Parker never had a brother close in age and my brother never had a brother, so it would be fun to see two brothers close. It also would be cheaper! But how much I would love to have a girl too. I have so many crafts I want to do if its a girl, and I can't wait for all the girly things!! We also are definite on a girl name so that wouldn't be a problem. Anyways I will stop rambling and let you vote now!

I think baby #2 is a.......
girl free polls

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yes, my friends, that is right! We are finally expecting another child! We are so excited to have another member of our family. Mason will finally get to be a big brother. He has been waiting patiently, much more than Mom! It's been a long process but so far the pregnancy is looking good. I am almost 13 weeks and we heard the babies heart beat today. A good 156. I can't complain my pregnancy has been like last time, pretty much symptom free. We are due on March 26, so if it comes 5 days early it will be a wonderful birthday present to me! I am so happy and grateful we have been blessed with another child, but at the same time this week is pretty hard. In two days, my angel baby would have been born. I know everything has happened for a reason, and honestly right now we would not be ready for one. I wish I could be holding that baby in two days, but I will patiently wait till March. The dr. told me that my chance of miscarriage has dropped tremendously since I am almost out of my 1st trimester. I am not to worried, but I am still praying we can have a strong and healthy baby! I wish to everyone pregnant that their babies can stick and to all Mom's to have healthy beautiful children! I will keep you posted on the whole thing!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The closing of summer

What a crazy summer its been! We had our whole summer planned out before it even began! Every weekend we had something so I am glad to have this post "Closing my summer"! On Monday my studly little man turned a whole 3 years old! I am sure most of you are thinking, "Holy cow he is that big!" Yes, in fact it is true. I guess I really cant call him my baby anymore. He was a spoiled little guy getting 3 birthday parties for 3 years! We first had one at Mason's GG's (parker's grandparents) and I made a race track cake. Our camera is broken so I am still trying to round up pictures from everyone. Then the pictures I do have (thanks Brit) are from Mason's birthday party with his friends. There was a whole 4 little kids there, but thats all the friends Mason needs! It was construction themed and we bought all the kids construction hats and had a construction truck pinata. It was the slowest pick up of candy after a pinata broke, instead of the usual thirty seconds it took about 3 min! I also made a "dirt cake" to go along with the theme! Lastly he had one on his birthday in Idaho with his grandparents on both sides. He loves having Happy Birthday sang to him and I still find him singing it around the house. He is so cute and I am so lucky to be his mommy!

We had family pictures done in July and I just got them back so I decided to post them. Mason was adorable like always in them!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

Of course we had to head to Idaho Falls for the Fourth because no other state knows how to party like we do! If your not from If, just so you know IF has the second largest firework show in the country. Bigger then LA NY & D.C.! Pennsylvania has the largest, but for a smaller town, our fireworks are amazing!I love going home to IF for the 4th and was so glad schedules have worked to go this year. And no question, we had tons of fun and wished it could have lasted longer. To start off the awesome weekend the girls went to Eclipse and it was so so good! I don't care what the movie critiques thought, it was awesome! On the 4th we did the usual parade and then went home for lunch and decided to have a good ol game of dodge ball on the tramp! Then we went to the zoo and finished the night off with amazing fireworks. We got to stay until Tuesday morning so on Monday my mom took Parker, Mason, and I to Toy Story 3 and the movie was so adorable. I am a nerd I guess because I literally was trying to hold back tears at the end! It's definitely a must see, even if its just adults going! Hope everyone else had just as much fun on the 4th as we did!

At the zoo

Firework time! Mason fell asleep half way through!
Waiting for the parade

Friday, June 18, 2010

Potty Trained

Mason is officially potty trained. As for my tactics since everybody has asked me, it really wasn't one particular way. I would try one and he wouldn't follow it according to the plan the books would say so we just kinda did it our own. He already knew what the potty was and what he was suppose to do in it since we let him watch us and then he had a potty movie so that was pretty easy. The hardest was him initiating he needed to go potty and he knew he wasn't suppose to go in his pants so he thought it was cool to just go in his pants, put his clothes in the hamper like i showed him and get a new pair of underwear on and act like nothing had happened. Although that's not what we wanted, I was proud he knew it was not okay and tried to fix it on his own. Thanks to my friend Brittney she suggested we just take away the diapers completely and that was pretty much when he was trained. I decided to make a potty chart and when he went ten times in a row and put a sticker on Toodles (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) he got a dollar store prize. After he completed the whole thing I took him to the store and let him pick out a nice toy and surprise he chose yet another truck. This time a cement truck, a typical boy! He has an occasional accident and struggles with #2 in the potty still, but overall he is great and can tell me when he needs to go! I love not changing diapers and especially love not paying for them!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Okay I came across this background and I had to have it in celebration of Eclipse coming out on the 30th! I did read all the books, gone to all of the premiers, and own both on DVD, so I guess you can call me a Twilight fan! Although, I am not a crazy person obsessed with it- I would have to say go Team Jacob!